Dylan for ASOS magazine !

Dylan is on cover of the next issue of ASOS magazine for september. She is absolutely flawless on the photos! Take a look of the interview and the video below. Enjoy!

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I would love to make a film just with girls,’ says 24-year-old actress, model and writer Dylan Penn during a break from shooting our cover in the blazing hot Californian sunshine. ‘I think it’s important that we’re represented in a way that’s truthful. I love Lena Dunham and these ballsy women who show the ugly side [of being a girl].’

Although Dylan has acted in two films so far, both due for release this year, being in front of the camera wasn’t always the plan. You might think it’s the obvious route, with her mum being House Of Cards [and The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump] actress Robin Wright, and her dad, two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn, but Dylan always thought she would swerve the spotlight and stay behind the scenes – writing, eventually directing and producing.

‘I’m painfully shy,’ she explains, ‘and when you’re shy, the worst thing you can do is go into all these casting rooms and be scrutinised. But with shyness, I think you just have to bite the bullet. I found that once I do that, it’s such a relief and release, and it feels like I’ve overcome something, so I know that it’s always worth it, as hard as it can be at times.’
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Behind the Scenes of ‘Lord and Taylor’ Photoshoot !

One week ago, Dylan was on the set of a photoshoot for the store ‘Lord and Taylor’, which was realised by the famous American photograph Doug Inglish. Find two photos of Dylan, taken during the photoshoot and posted on the Instagram of DT Model Management, in the gallery !

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