Dylan at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Dylan is currently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as she was recently seen on her hotel balcony, then on the beach. She is in town shooting Vogue Brazil and attended the magazine’s carnival party. Don’t forget that Dylan and her brother Hopper will hit the runway at Milan Fashion Week.

Candid Appearances > Candids From 2016February 02nd – On Her Hotel Balcony, Brazil
Candid Appearances > Candids From 2016February 02nd – On The Beach At Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Dylan for Vogue Korea !

If Harry is royalty in the fashion industry, Dylan Penn grew up sipping their highest point in the air of aloof atmosphere surrounding Hollywood. Just as guessed at her castle, its presence dad just Sean spouting charismatic pen, mother Robin Wright punggineun fashion of a mature woman. We felt intact the charisma of her parents lift chairs on rustic houses in Venice Beach which provided a temporary operations center for the LA shooting. Eda reticent personality was tolerable owner of careful character does not show a smile. But it came out a little time talking about the look has changed. “If the most beautiful memories of childhood, seven years old when my dad sitting in the back seat of the car’s driving at the moment bodeon sun set over the Arizona desert. Overnight crackling music of Lionel Richie overnight Radio flowed through the stands, shaking’d filled with incense cones hanging on the rearview mirror. ”

Twenty-four-year-old Dylan began a recent model activities. Last year, the film “The Condemned” completed his debut as an actor through. Yet some time in 2 years that acne does not disappear while jumping in front of the camera, she goes to school like normal children had a part-time job at a pizza parlor. “I did not have an interest in modeling or acting.” I wanted to become a coach in front of the camera will make a good movie than to stand behind him. “But all parents want me to be a good director is also an actor did you experience is important that advice.” Her enthusiasm is expressed day to create a stunning film writing a good screenplay. Looking straight ahead, but not enough gin unlike kick kicking yourself a given opportunity. The beautiful youth being might teach you how to cook according to his taste in material.


Photoshoots > Sessions & OuttakesPeter Ash Lee [Vogue Korea] – 2016